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Customized Packaging Solutions

NNZ is passionate about developing ‘customized packaging solutions’ in close cooperation with its customers and partners.

The role of packaging

People often do not realize it, but packaging makes a contribution to sustainability. Fruit and vegetables are protected in the packaging and therefore lasts longer and prevents food wastage. Without packaging transporting food around the globe would not be economically feasible.

Developing sustainable 'customized packaging solutions'

NNZ invests in the development of new packaging and packaging concepts in collaboration with 'partners'. Our partners with whom we develop ‘customized packaging solutions’ are packaging houses of fresh produce, retail chains, material and machine suppliers, universities and research institutes. NNZ has a central 'marketing innovation team', consisting of an innovation manager, a packaging technologist, a designer and an online marketer. This team supports the various countries in marketing their current portfolio and developing sustainable ‘customized packaging solutions'.

Together with the business unit managers in the countries this team monitors and acts upon developments in the markets, materials, machinery, and consumer behavior. The NNZ team connects to the customer for a briefing, where after the sales representative, packaging technologist and marketers develop a design, using best materials, machinery, and consumer acceptance. Our material expertise covers the broad portfolio of packaging material: jute, paper, plastics, laminates and packaging made from biodegradable materials. The ultimate goal being to provide the customer with the optimum packaging or packaging concept: a 'customized packaging solution'.

In addition, we continuously work to develop sustainable packaging materials and technologies, which have less impact on the environment and ensure a longer shelf life.

International network with 'focus on local'

The desire for sustainable packaging solutions is uniform. There are of course differences within the countries we serve, because each country has its own product range, specific logistics processes and consumer preferences. Our support in the areas of marketing and innovation is matched to this diversity: "focus on local '. For example, we worked with our offices in Spain and Germany on a product (Flow-Fresh ®), which allows packaged strawberries to be more resistant to temperature fluctuations in the logistics chain. The same product is used in Germany for the same purpose, for tomatoes on the vine. For Austria we have developed in a retail jute package for potatoes, as consumers in Austria have a strong preference for this durable natural material.

A proposito di NNZ

NNZ è un’ azienda multinazionale di proprietà e gestione dalla famiglia Boot fin dal 1922 .
I suoi dipendenti contribuiscono ad offrire soluzioni per l’imballaggio ai propri clienti che operano nel settore agricolo e industriale .
Nel 1922 NNZ iniziò la sua attività commerciale nel campo dei sacchi in juta a Pakhuis Libau - Groningen (Olanda) e fu l’inizio del percorso di una un’azienda di famiglia con ambizioni internazionali.
Oggi, NNZ è cresciuta ed è diventata un’organizzazione con più di 250 dipendenti a disposizione dei clienti nei vari uffici siti in Austria, Benelux, Canada, Danimarca, Norvegia, Germania, Italia, Polonia, Lettonia, Lituania, Estonia, Sud Africa, Regno Unito e USA .
NNZ coopera con partners in altri 40 paesi ed è in grado di fornire soluzioni per l’imballaggio a clienti in tutto il mondo .